• Bye-Bye Gastronomy! - It's time to say "Bye-Bye Gastronomy!" for me. 6 years ago, I left banking and decided to pursue my passion: Gastronomy. I love baking and coffee & cooking and I've been dreaming of my own place for many, many years. Although, I'm saying goodbye to the industry right now, it's not a goodbye forever. Over the past years, I've met many people and had many different employers, managers and colleagues.… Read More
  • Week 5 – Last but not least: Fructans. - It's time for Week 5 - Last but not least: Fructans. This means, that I'm almost back to normal now & most importantly onions and garlic are back in my dishes. YES!! This was literally the hardest challenge for me. Onions and garlic bring so much flavour and depth to meals, it was incredibly hard to cook without them. I'm only reintroducing non-grain fructans this week, which means any gluten… Read More
  • Welcome to Week 4 – Reintroducing Fructose - Welcome to Week 4 - Reintroducing Fructose. Week 4, guys. Week 4, out of 6 - we're getting there!!! šŸ™‚ Explaining Fructose in detail is probably not necessary. Basically, it's a form of sugar predominantly present in fruits. šŸ™‚ I am reintroducing fructans by adding Sugar snap peas, Mangos, Honey & Fruit Juice Day 1: Welcome to Week 4 - Reintroducing Fructose. It's day 1 of the 4th week, which… Read More
  • Week 3 – Polyols are back! - Welcome to Week 3 - Polyols are back! Yay, Polyols! This weeks re-introduction means, welcome back avocados, mushrooms, stone fruits, celery, sweet potato, cauliflower and a couple of other things! This is the first week I've actually been looking forward to, as it gives me the slight feeling of "normal eating". So, I'm very much excited about food this week, What are Polyols? Now, what exactly are Polyols? My personal… Read More
  • Week 2 – Galacto-Oligosaccharides - Welcome to Week 2 - Galacto-Oligosaccharides. I've got a feeling this week's gonna be a tough one for me. Firstly, it's time for my first FODMAP reintroduction (Galacto-Oligosaccharides) and secondly, I can already feel unsolved issues creeping up and waiting to be dealt with.... Fingers crossed it won't be too hard!! Day 1: Week 2 - Galacto-Oligosaccharides Well, today was one of those days... I miscalculated almost everything I did… Read More
  • IBS & Low FODMAP – Recipe for Success? - IBS & Low FODMAP - Recipe for Success? After the past 2 years of CoVid hanging over my head, not visiting family or friends and hanging on by a thread, financially speaking, my IBS got a lot worse, recently. I decided to re-take a 6 week low FODMAP diet, which is inspired by The Happy Pear. I was lucky enough to win it a couple of years back and it… Read More
  • Looking for Guest Posters & Collaborators - I'm looking for guest posters & collaborators for my blog! Today, I'm calling on all gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian foodies & food photographers because I'm looking for guest posters & collaborators. In addition, I'm interested in wellness & health bloggers, lifestyle & zero-waste enthusiasts. Further, if you're writing about anything else and feel you have something to contribute to my blog, please feel free to contact me. I firmly believe, that… Read More
  • Glutenfree Guide London by CarrotsKitchen - Well, don't we all know the pain, searching for a restaurant, coffeeshop, ... that meets our dietary restrictions & allergies? The answer: The Glutenfree Guide London by CarrotsKitchen. Basically, I've started making my own list of glutenfree and quality approved eateries. Where else would I start, if not in the city, that stole my heart so many years ago? That's right: the one & only - London City! So, below… Read More
  • Finding glutenfree, vegetarian and vegan recipes - Finding glutenfree, vegetarian and vegan recipes. It's hard - yes. Below I'll give you some ideas, where to look. Hopefully, you'll be able to indulge in delicious glutenfree / vegan food directly this weekend!  Well, first of all I had to learn the basics. This step required a lot of research. I started off, using mostly Pinterest and Instagram as I couldn't really decide on any book out there. All… Read More
  • Cuba – Part II - Hello and welcome to the second part of my report on Cuba. This report will tell you everything important about Playa Giron, Trinidad, Varadero and La Habana (part 2). This time I was travelling with my good friend Paula! Playa Giron Having heard about Playa Giron from my sister and my brother in law, I couldn't wait to arrive at the "Bay of Pigs". I was looking forward to some… Read More

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