Finding glutenfree, vegetarian and vegan recipes

Finding glutenfree, vegetarian and vegan recipes. It’s hard – yes. Below I’ll give you some ideas, where to look. Hopefully, you’ll be able to indulge in delicious glutenfree / vegan food directly this weekend! 

Well, first of all I had to learn the basics. This step required a lot of research. I started off, using mostly Pinterest and Instagram as I couldn’t really decide on any book out there. All of them seemed to rely on additives and I just didn’t want any of that. I mean, why should we eat something, that’s not a natural product? Where could possibly be the benefit in that? So, off I went researching more, trying & failing and recipes I had done with usual flour for many many years.

Kochtrotz a.k.a. Steffi

I also thought about doing some glutenfree cooking classes. Unfortunately, we’re not really there yet, so I just had to stick to it. After a while, I found Steffi, founder of Kochtrotz. She has helped me a lot with the basics. I recently bought her book on glutenfree baking and I can 100% recommend it. You can buy it here.

Deliciously Ella

As for the vegan food, I usually buy my fruits and veggies seasonal and regional at the market. So I tend to just buy, whatever I can find and think about recipes later. I live by the philosophy “If you only use ingredients, you like, nothing bad can come out of it.” Unfortunately, that’s only 95% accurate. A great inspiration has been DeliciouslyElla, who’s recipes are not only vegan, but mostly glutenfree. You can find the book, I rely on most, below:

In German 

In English

The Happy Pears

This whole journey started, while I was still living in Ireland. Therefore The Happy Pears sort of initiated the start of it all. While they’re focussing on plant-based nutrition, they also do have glutenfree recipes. Once you’ve learned the basics on glutenfree flours, it’s easy to use their non-glutenfree recipes and turn them into your glutenfree version. All of their books are available on their website and on amazon:

1. Book

2. Book

3. Book

Im also working on my own cook-book, but this could be a little while. Until then – use the above! šŸ™‚

Finding glutenfree, vegetarian and vegan recipes. Now, it’s your turn.

Happy Cooking,

Carolin šŸ™‚

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