Glutenfree Guide London by CarrotsKitchen

Well, don’t we all know the pain, searching for a restaurant, coffeeshop, … that meets our dietary restrictions & allergies? The answer: The Glutenfree Guide London by CarrotsKitchen.

Basically, I’ve started making my own list of glutenfree and quality approved eateries. Where else would I start, if not in the city, that stole my heart so many years ago? That’s right: the one & only – London City! So, below I’ve listed the first few places. As I’ll be back and forth (probably my entire life), I’ll go along and add more and more places to this list!

Restaurants / Coffee Shops

Leggero Soho

Leggero is a fully glutenfree Italian restaurant – a very good one at that! They make their own pasta, delicious bread and many other things! Definitely worth a visit next time you’re over in London. They’re also at Mercato Metropolitano in Borough.

Kalifornia Kitchen

California Kitchen is not a glutenfree restaurant, but they have so many glutenfree options, it might as well be one. It’s a fully vegan restaurant and they have the most delicious bowls, amazing breakfast and very delicious coffee, with any kind of vegan milk you can imagine. Just off Tottenham Court Road station, it’s the perfect stop from a busy day shopping along Oxford Street.


While Pret-a-Manger is not at all a glutenfree eatery, they have implemented quite a few delicious glutenfree alternatives, from sandwiches to muesli bars, you can find almost everything important. Another bonus: Pret-a-Manger is really easy to find, everywhere across the city. Therefore, it’s perfect, for those, who just want to grab something on the go, no matter where they are.

Senzala – creperie, bar & cafe – Brixton

It’s been years since I first tried a Galette at Senzala. They’re simply delicious. They offer a wide range from classic from ham, egg & cheese to specials, such as the Senzala (I can recommend this one). Everything I tried there over the years was outstanding. And as they follow the original recipe and use buckwheat flour only, their Galettes are naturally glutenfree.


Vida Bakery Bricklane

The Vida Bakery can be easily overlooked in the busy Bricklane. Especially on Sundays, when the Bricklane Market attracts oh so many tourists. Nevertheless, watch out for it, go inside and take a short break from the market madness; enjoy a coffee and some lovely glutenfree snacks. Everything homemade and a lovely service as well. 


BeyondBread is a glutenfree bakery / coffee shop. Their profits range from many different breads, which are all delicious to the most amazing pastries. Do I have to say another word? No, not really… Tasty glutenfree pastry is a real rarity – so go off for a lovely weekend brunch and eat some pastry at BeyondBread!


On my next visit, I am going to Niche Glutenfree Restaurant and Romeos’ Bakery, so they will be my next addition.

If there are any other places I forgot or you want to see on the Glutenfree Guide London by CarrotsKitchen, just comment below or send me an email here.

I’d be happy to hear if you try any of the above on your next visit. If you do, let me know what you think!

Until then, happy eating,


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