Happy Easter Brunch

As you might not know it, but brunch is the thing in Zurich: à la carte, all you can eat buffet,.. there’s nothing that doesn’t exist. Kafi Freud hasn’t been open that long and I have to thank my competitors Harry’s Ding for discovering it!

Kafi Freud is a lot of things: a good place to work, a family friendly coffee shop (we know – we took our little one with us!), a coffee-around-the-corner place, an excellent brunch/ breakfast spot and overall a place for great coffee.

I went there, for Easter, this year and I was really happy with everything. There is a little creative corner, with books and a sofa, there’s a bathtub filled with plants (great piece of creative artwork folks!!) and there’s a kids corner, with LOADS of toys for the little ones.

Tables are far enough apart, so you don’t feel trapped, as it often feels like in most coffee shops. The food menu is relatively small, but offers everything you need (and let’s be honest, it’s so much easier to choose from a small variety of great things). 

Now about the food… We just ordered a little bit of everything, so we could try different things and I must say, EVERYTHING we ordered, was just amazing. Everything was fresh, tasty and really thoughtful decorated. Even the “reserved” sign was made with love.

My absolute favourite was the Banana Bread with Tahini and Sea-salt. Never tried this combination, but absolutely stunning. The tastes just complement each other amazingly. So, next time, you’re at Kafi Freud, try the Banana Bread!! 

I recommend Kafi Freud to absolutely everyone, not only someone living around the corner. We went there, around 30 min by car, from the other side of Zurich and it was definitely worth it. 

Thanks again for the lovely stay! 

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