Maison Manesse – a hidden gem

So, I’ve been looking at Maison Manesse – a hidden gem – for a good while, before I actually made it there for lunch. The wait was totally worth it though, it made it to the top of my list of restaurants in Zurich , straight away.

You enter the restaurant through a tiny, wooden door, that gives the impression, the place is closed – but “hey!”, I think to myself, “I’ve got a reservation. so let’s check if the door is open”. Of course, it was open and the restaurant inside filled with people, very charming and helpful staff and a great decoration. (An absolute style highlight are the toilets – go check them out. 😉 )

NOW – let’s talk about the food. there’s just 1 word for it: AMAZING.

We really wanted to go for lunch and take the menu, so we could try it out and see, what all the fuss is about.. well we decided to go for the 2 signature dishes instead and man, was it worth it.

Maison Manesse – a hidden gem – even managed, to make the Tartar to look unique (in a city, where Tartar is on everyone’s menu!). Their DIY variation is just unbelievably cool and I’ve never seen anything like it before.

The Food

We also ordered a beef fillet (from the region of course), which came with triple cooked fries and 2 sauces – truffle mayonnaise and a home-made barbecue sauce. Now, I don’t usually like barbecue sauce, but this one was so delicious – not too sweet, not too spice, not too sauer.

The beef arrived medium-rare, so if you prefer it a little more cooked, you should mention it, when you order. For me, it was perfect like this, especially, as the quality was extraordinary and it was a regional product.

We finished our lunch with a Meringue version a la Maison Manesse – a hidden gem – that came with a grapefruit parfait – for the lightness.

I am definitely going back to Maison Manesse – a hidden gem – and next time, it’ll be dinner, so I can try their own gin-infusions and get to see the entire menu.

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