Multilingual Holistic Nutrition

Welcome to your first step towards your new & improved life using my Multilingual Holistic Nutrition approach.

I’m sure it’s no coincidence, that you’re here now. Further below, you’ll find all the information you need: about my work as a nutritionist & also about myself. 

What I’m doing & about Multilingual Holistic Nutrition

Or rather: “What aren’t I doing?” Basically, my approach is very personalised & therefore anything but standard procedure.

As every body & every person is different, so should everyone’s nutrition. Therefore, my focus lies on the individuality of my clients. Together, we’ll work out a concept that suits you – both, mentally & physically. A concept, that makes you happy, gives you more energy & leaves you feeling healthy all year around.

My basic Multilingual Holistic Nutrition course is 12 weeks long. During this time, we will have a look at the current situation, set a goal and create a personalised nutrition plan. It also includes recipes, tipps on how to implement the changes to your daily routines & a weekly call.

If you want to know more about it, simply contact me below: 


About Me

Hi, I’m Carolin, 28 years young and a real northern gal. I’ve spent many years abroad, from Ireland to France and I’ll bring diversity, loads of experience & a thirst for life, food & coffee to the table. 

Offering nutritional advise to anyone with an international background, is a cause close to my heart, as some things are easier discussed in ones own language. I speak German, English, Spanish & some basic French.

My own nutrition is a mixture of different cultural food habits & several different diet styles. I’ve mixed & matched for years until it fit me perfectly. My personal nutrition style is therefore as unique as my personality. And so is my counselling – tailor-made for every client!


You’re interested in working with me or just curious to hear more about my holistic nutritionist approach?

Simply send an email to:

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