Bye-Bye Gastronomy!

It’s time to say “Bye-Bye Gastronomy!” for me. 6 years ago, I left banking and decided to pursue my passion: Gastronomy. I love baking and coffee & cooking and I’ve been dreaming of my own place for many, many years. Although, I’m saying goodbye to the industry right now, it’s not a goodbye forever. Over the past years, I’ve met many people and had many different employers, managers and colleagues. I worked in many different places and I’ve realised one very important thing: I’m not a great employee. There are a lot of things, I want to do and it’s very difficult for me to compromise my beliefs, my values and my way of working. Because of this, it’s been difficult over and over again and it created an often challenging work environment.

What’s happening right now?

While I’m not regretting having made the change, it is time to turn the page and start a new chapter. My own place is still my ultimate goal, but right now I’m going to focus on enhancing my skills, making connections, spending time with family and friends and working in an environment, that’s more suitable for me. Ideally, this would be a remote job, that gives me the freedom to visit my family and friends more often. Though, there’s nothing concrete on the horizon yet, I’m sure it’ll sort itself out soon enough. I’ll also spend the time figuring out the bureaucracy of things, meaning I’m going to write my business plan. I’ll also focus on completing a Yoga Teacher Training as soon as possible and hopefully be able to visit many gluten-free bakeries on internships or part-time positions.

What’s coming next?

Although, I’m changing into a different work industry, I’ll be keeping my blog and Instagram. I’m going to focus on posting more recipes, finally working on my own cookbook (there are 2 in the pipeline) and monetising my blog. It’s very important for me to grow this business organically and not jump into anything while having a huge amount of debts on my accounts. The past years meant a huge financial struggle and it’s exhausting. Trying to find my way around self-employment within gastronomy, during CoVid, has been really tough and, I’m gonna be honest, I’m just really tired right now. So, while I’m figuring out what I want to work as next, I’ll focus on my blog, my recipes, my passion. I’m going to take the pressure out of it. And along the way, I’m very happy to freelance here and there or start some collaborations with people who inspire me.

Bye-Bye Gastronomy!

I’m saying “Bye-Bye Gastronomy!”. I won’t be far, so stay tuned for gluten-free recipes, city-guides, coffee portfolios and more! If you want to start browsing, start with my recipes, here!

Have a lovely day,

Caro from CarrotsKitchen