Week 3 – Polyols are back!

Welcome to Week 3 – Polyols are back! Yay, Polyols! This weeks re-introduction means, welcome back avocados, mushrooms, stone fruits, celery, sweet potato, cauliflower and a couple of other things! This is the first week I’ve actually been looking forward to, as it gives me the slight feeling of “normal eating”. So, I’m very much excited about food this week,

What are Polyols?

Now, what exactly are Polyols? My personal guide these past couple of weeks has been the Monash University. The Monash University defines Polyols as:

“… sorbitol and mannitol. These are naturally occurring sugar alcohols (also called polyols) found in a range of fruits and vegetables including stone fruits and mushrooms. There are other sugar polyols that are added to commercial products such as chewing gums, mints and diabetic products. These include xylitol, maltitol and isomalt. …”

The Monash University also has an app, with recipes, easy to track FODMAPS and much more. If interested check it out, here. Otherwise, there is a lot of good information and recipes on their website.

Day 1: Week 3 – Easter Monday

Well, of course I didn’t realise it’s easter Monday and supermarkets are gonna be closed. Therefore, I didn’t plan ahead at all and didn’t do any shopping or meal plan! HA, what a start! Typical me, though.

Nevertheless, I had some scrambled tofu and buckwheat pancakes for breakfast, broccoli soup for lunch and a nice pasta for dinner. I was feeling a little tired (due to the stress of the past couple of weeks), but quite good.

Day 2: Week 3 – Polyols are back!

Today it was time for some reintroductions. I made a very yummy risotto!! with allllll the mushrooms I was able to find. In this case, as I love mushrooms, I took the reintroduction quite seriously. And, boy, was it delicious. (Recipe coming soon, hopefully! :-D).

I had more scrambled tofu for breakfast, as it’s quite filling actually. I also really enjoyed it – Kala Namak makes all the difference. Hopefully, I’ll get the recipe postet soon, too. As I was feeling quite full today, I listened to my body and skipped lunch.

Day 3: Week 3 – Polyols are back!

Back in Hamburg and therefore back to my Yoga classes! It was very good and relaxing. I had another interview today, so I wanted to feel as much myself as possible and Yoga always centres me a lot. I had a millet porridge for breakfast (Recipe coming at some point, too.). Dinner was the left-over risotto with half a black Angus steak on top. Oh yum! Oh, I almost forgot, we had low FODMAP Tuna Melt for Lunch – I mean, could it get any better? I told you, this week is gonna be great!! Thank god for the reintroduction of celery!!!

Day 4: Week 3 – Polyols are back!

Okay, I’ve got to admit, this week has been a little unorganised, food wise. So I’ve had left-over Tuna melt for breakfast, Pasta for lunch and some bread with avocado and cheese for dinner. Polyols were present in form of mushrooms, avocado and celery. It was delicious!! Other than that it was a quiet day, as I was in a relaxing mood. 🙂

Day 5: Getting creative with low FODMAP.

I started the day with a very early Yoga class and had a Porridge afterwards for breakfast. After that, I had to drop off mz remaining things at my old job, which was kinda weird, but also nice to see the team again. For lunch, I had some homemade Galettes which were just great. I decided to go for the traditional Galettes bretonnes complètes, in this case. If you haven’t tried them yet, please do. If you don’t want to make them at home, here’s a great place to go: Ti Breizh. As I made way too much dough, I had Galettes for dinner, too.

Day 6: Time to go leave the house again.

I had Galette for breakfast – big surprise! haha

As the sun was shining bright, today, I decided to go out and basically leave the house for the first time, since I started feeling worse again. It was also the first time, I went to a coffee shop since starting the low formal diet and tbh, it was a real challenge to find something acceptable to drink (other than coffee). I ended up having a cold brewed herbal iced tea, which was o.k. Moved on to the next coffee shop and actually had a coffee – YUM! Do check out Balz & Balz, when you’re in Hamburg. They are fantastic!! Dinner brought more Galettes (I’m kinda over it by now…).

It was a really good day and I felt a little like my old self again, which I enjoyed immensely. Yay, FODMAP diet!!!

Day 7: Hamburg Marathon and restorative Sunday.

So, I gotta say it: I made way too much Galette Dough. It’s day 3 and the 5th time I’m having Galette today. It’s too much to continue eating it. I had it for Breakfast & Lunch…. At least I got something different for dinner: YAY!!! Switching it up with a berry and yoghurt filling, this morning, was okay, but the excitement is looooong gone. For dinner I made some very quick Gnocchi (store-bought) with mushrooms, red pepper, cherry tomatoes and a spring onion greens.

Next week is gonna be exciting. We’re reintroducing fructose. I cannot wait and I hope I’m gonna feel okay with fructose!! Let’s see what week 4 is gonna bring – stay tuned!

In case you missed it, check out my reports on Week 1 and Week 2 of my low FODMAP diet.

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