Welcome to Week 4 – Reintroducing Fructose

Welcome to Week 4 – Reintroducing Fructose. Week 4, guys. Week 4, out of 6 – we’re getting there!!! 🙂 Explaining Fructose in detail is probably not necessary. Basically, it’s a form of sugar predominantly present in fruits. 🙂 I am reintroducing fructans by adding Sugar snap peas, Mangos, Honey & Fruit Juice

Day 1: Welcome to Week 4 – Reintroducing Fructose.

It’s day 1 of the 4th week, which means, I am halfway through! This also means, that I have re-introduced almost everything by now. This week I’m reintroducing fructans! Say hello to Mango and all the lovely fruits!! I’ve started breakfast with porridge (same old, same old).

Many of you are probably getting tired of having the same thing over and over again and also having something warm every morning, but I am a person, that actually needs warm food. I’ve tried the whole raw and uncooked diet, but really, my body isn’t responding to it very well. I almost always still feel hungry, if I don’t eat anything warm and my body cools down really easily, too. I could, however, eat an entire pot of curry, as it really energises me.

For lunch were some gnocchi and I had some tempeh and rice noodle stir-fry for dinner.

Day 2: Welcome to Week 4 – Reintroducing Fructose.

This morning, I went to my Yoga class and actually had to go home again – seems I’ve used all my included yoga classes this month! I was pretty sad about it, as I was looking forward to it a lot – it was also my favourite teacher in todays class. But anyhow, I went back home and reminded myself, of how well I did going to class that often already.

For breakfast I had porridge – who would’ve thought! Haha. For lunch we visited my dad and had some pasta with mushrooms, spinach and parmesan. Sort of a agilo olio tagliatelle, without the garlic… (Garlic is back next week and I CANNOT wait!!!). For dinner we had some brown rice, veggies and sticky ginger and sesame meat balls – YUM!

Day 3: Welcome to Week 4 – Reintroducing Fructose.

Today was a lovely day, where I did a lot of stuff at home. We just bought a new kitchen (literally paid for it seconds before I received the notice from my former employer – talk about timing!! :-D) and we’re still waiting for the countertop. Therefore, we started with building up the cabinets one by one, exchanging them for the ones we already had which we then sold off one by one – simply because there wasn’t a lot of space to do everything in one go! We’re sort of living in the heart of chaos at the moment. So, yeah, I did some cleaning, building, moving around, selling, re-organising and tidying up. It was also quite relaxing, to be honest. Breakfast was porridge, of course. Lunch were leftover meatballs with veggies and rice and for dinner we had some dinner rolls with cheese, Jamon and avocado.

Day 4: Week 4 – Workout Thursday.

The day started off with an early morning Yoga class. Afterwards, I had porridge for breakfast. As I am officially unemployed since Monday, I also had to visit the Agentur für Arbeit today in order to apply for unemployment benefits. Since it’s close enough, I went there by bike and enjoyed the ride in the sun. For lunch, afterwards, I had some cheese, dinner rolls, Jamon, great Italian olive oil (check it out here) and the most delicious sea salt from Mallorca. Seeing that the past couple of weeks have been quite stressful and I did quite a lot of exercise today, I was so tired I had to take a nap. I am really getting a lot better, but those are the moments, when I notice how tough it’s really been. Anyways, after writing this blog entry, I had some rice, chicken & veggies for dinner.

Day 5: Week 4 – almost weekend.

Hi and happy Friday! I am actually struggling to remember, what happened today, apart from my lovely chicken and rice stir fry for dinner and some avocado and cheese platter for lunch. I probably had porridge for breakfast (seeing as I almost never have anything different for breakfast :-D). Other than that, I don’t think I did much. I’m still feeling the slight ups and downs of all the reintroductions, so I’m really trying to take it easy. 🙂

Day 6: Hamburg Coffee Festival.

So, I actually managed to go to an event – The Hamburg Coffee Festival. I went 2 years ago, though I was working there, then. I literally hadn’t seen as many people since the coffee festival 2 years ago, which was just before our first covid lockdown. While it was nice to see a lot of people again, it was also quite overwhelming, tbh. It was also my goodbye (for now anyway) from gastronomy. I’ll keep you postet, what comes next. 🙂

For breakfast I had porridge, of course and since I wasn’t home for lunch and I am still stuck on my low FODMAP diet, I skipped lunch and then had a big bowl of rice stir fry for dinner. 🙂

Day 7: A little me-time

My partner is mostly working on Sundays, which means it’s the one day of the week, I’m actually all by myself. I used to hate being alone, but during my mid-twenties I discovered I actually love spending time with myself. Therefore, on Sundays, I usually stay in. I don’t do much, except of literally spending time with myself, allowing myself to feel however I’m feeling, doing (or NOT) doing whatever it is I feel like and just breathing and finding my own balance.

I had a late brunch consisting of grilled cheese today and a tagliatelle carbonara for dinner – without cream (seriously people, don’t add cream!!!!).

Next week is gonna be exciting. We’re reintroducing fructose. I cannot wait and I hope I’m gonna feel okay with fructose!! Let’s see what week 4 is gonna bring – stay tuned!

In case you missed it, check out my reports on Week 1 and Week 2 of my low FODMAP diet.

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